E-Mail Marketing – a large variety on the market

But still, we will find your customers in it!

We will be pleased to generate consumer profiles for direct marketing and market research companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Using various sweepstakes and surveys on the Internet a mailing will be set up. For your standalone mailings, we will select suitable data according to your wishes from a pool of currently more than 2.8 million consumer profiles that have been generated using the double opt-in method. There are numerous selection methods available to you here. As a result, you will obtain consumer data tailor-made for your needs and of the highest possible quality standard.

Our fact sheets provide information about our lists:

E2Ma as a whole



E2Ma/Kiosk – B2B

E2Ma Families & children

Contact us for information about your options either by phone at +49 40 890 66 33 09 or by e-mail to media@e2ma.biz