Target-specific Opt-In Leads – Leadgeneration

We supply you with the right data

We place our surveys on the Internet on numerous websites. Due to the development and optimization of campaigns we have the flexibility to address the desired target groups. It means that we ask the right consumer the right questions at the right moment and provide target-specific leads for your customer dialogue.

All data is generated according to the so-called double opt-in procedure (DOI). That means: You have the consumers’ advertising consent that allows you to use the data for your advertising purposes.

You have the following possibilities to sustainably generate leads and gather addresses for your company:

Co-Sponsoring -> what matters most here is the data volume

For co-sponsoring, we include you in our list of sponsors or post your logo on our websites. This gives you the opportunity to approach up to 60,000 consumers per month with your products. Apply this inexpensive and efficient method to attract new newsletters subscribers for example by using the brand-new and high-value addresses.

Co-registrations -> what matters most here is the higher data quality

Using co-registrations we already look for possible customers/prospects when generating the data by placing questions that are tailor-made for your product in our surveys. You can use the high-value data sets gathered this way for your targeted commercial messages to interested consumers.

Newsletter subscribers -> Advertising welcome!

Newsletter advertising allows you to open up new groups of prospects and set up your customer database or further expand it. By targeting specific prospects in our surveys we generate new subscribers for your newsletter. Of course you pay only for the unlimited use for every newsletter subscriber – so there is no financial risk involved for you!

Procuring addresses from telephone surveys

Up to 2000 leads per week from telephone surveys are definitely possible. You define your specific question and we make sure that you receive an optimum amount of leads through surveys that are conducted every week with thousands of prospects. Your advantage: both the phone number and an affinity for telephony!

Just send your product to us and we will draw up the questions.

App Installs

We acquire new users for your app by playout in our partner networks, including over 1,000 publishers. We develop a sustainable customer base for you, push your app in the app store rankings and re-activate users that already own your app. The products provide you with the benefit of performance-oriented statement on Installs, CPI=Cost per Install without scattering loss, full budget control and the guarantee of continuous optimizing of the campaign.

  • Defined according to your KPI
  • Campaign results are clearly measurable (Measurable) KPI
  • Campaign advertising media and Call-To-Action work on all end devices (Accepted)
  • Campaign goals are realistic (Realistic)
  • Campaign goals are achieved by a clearly defined date (Time Bound)

Contact us and we will inform you about your options by phone at +49 40 890 66 33 09 or by e-mail to vertrieb@e2ma.biz