Interactive social media – lead generation

Acquire new customers via Facebook and Instagram

Social media channels can now be used better than ever to expand your business. In times when e-mail and telephone marketing are becoming increasingly difficult, new ways have to be found and followed.

Generate leads on Facebook

Almost all KPIs can be transferred to Facebook. Using the Lead Ads Format offers it is directly possible to run your lead generation campaigns on Facebook.

With these ads, people can express their interest in the product or service of a company by filling in a form with their personal details without leaving Facebook so that the company can contact them. To ensure your campaign’s success, it is important to define the advertising goal precisely and that the advertising campaigns’ message goes straight to the point, and with the targeting option you will reach exactly your target group.

Lead ads can be used to record newsletter registrations, cost estimations, follow-up calls and company information. An easy way for registration irrespective of the location.

If you would like to expand your Facebook fan base and want to find potential customers for your product we can help you! We post your product on a regular basis, your current promotions and your Facebook website on our E2Ma Facebook page and we also integrate your Facebook website in our surveys.

Instagram – platform for great pictures, young people and direct marketing

Instagram now also offers the option of placing lead ads – with all the advantages that we have already described above. However, Instagram is more suitable for direct marketing  than Facebook. Because short messages are enough to create a brand effect, increase awareness, interact with customers, display new products / services or compare offers.

Instagram is also more of a platform for younger generations. It is considered the most popular social media platform among those under 30 year old and is particularly popular with teenagers. Facebook, on the other hand, is used disproportionately by older users.

Another difference is the picture quality. While pictures underline messages on Facebook, they have to be able to speak for themselves on Instagram. With a company that, for example, from the fields of landscape, interior design, cooking or animals, Instagram is the right place for you.

We at E2Ma have been active in social media marketing since 2011 and therefore know the advertising manager like the back of our hand.

If you want to expand your Facebook fan base and find potential customers for your product / service via Facebook, then we can help you! We offer various packages for social media advice and / or account support and can therefore, among other things. perform the following tasks for you:

  • Strategic advertising campaign advice
  • Knowledge transfer to control the campaigns on Facebook and / or Instagram
  • Target group advice, definition and creation – possibly via custom audiences
  • Scaling the target groups
  • Working out goals together and scheduling
  • Proposed solutions for advertising materials and texts for advertisements
  • Recommended action for the ongoing Facebook campaigns
  • Creation of landing page ads or lead ads
  • and much more

Did we spark your interest?

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