Data protection and highest possible data quality

are our priorityn

As a member of the German Dialogue Marketing Association (Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband) and as a signatory of the Code of Ethics for E-mail Marketing we guarantee compliance with the applicable legal regulations.

The quality of data is another of our top priorities. This is why we only supply double opt-in data explicitly confirmed by the recipient including their consent to use their data for advertising purposes to our partners and sponsors. This way, you only receive valid e-mail addresses.

Additionally, we carry out data cleansing before any supply of data sets. In the process, we check and correct the following items if necessary:

  • Address analysis and correction
  • Generating the form of address by name analysis
  • Matching of lists of relocation/death
  • Elimination of duplicates


Contact us for information about your options either by phone at +49 40 890 66 33 09 or by e-mail to media@e2ma.biz