5 tips for Facebook and Instagram

For many companies and the self-employed, acquiring new customers is often not easy. Due to their enormous reach, social networks – especially Facebook and Instagram – are particularly suitable for drawing potential customers’ attention to products and services.

In the following we would like to list some tips that can be helpful in acquiring new customers on Facebook and Instagram.

1. Be creative:

In 2020 almost 1.8 billion people worldwide use Facebook and over 1 billion people Instagram . As you can imagine, this makes it relatively difficult to stand out from the crowd. Creativity is therefore the key to winning new customers on Facebook and Instagram.

First think carefully about the USP of your product or service and define your target group. Then try not to use the usual standard offers, but to think a little out of the box. Examples of this include Donation of 1 € per product purchased for a charitable cause, a funny competition or a funny video (e.g. created with ) https://www.doodly.com/ )

2. Use Call to actions:

A call to action (also called CTA) is the request to the user to take a certain action. This could be e.g. subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing a product or clicking on the link to your website. With a simple “click here >>>” you will increase your interaction rate considerably and at the same time strengthen your fan base.

3. Place advertisements on Facebook and Instagram:

The Facebook ad manager can be used to place ads on both Facebook and Instagram. Ads are a perfect way to increase your reach and thereby generate a lot of new fans who otherwise would never have found the fansite.

The great advantage of ads on Facebook and Instagram is that you can delimit your target group very well using different demographic characteristics and interests and thus reach exactly the right people. In addition, you can start with a small budget of a few euros per day and keep increasing your budget if the ads run successfully.

4. Use Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience:

In the Facebook advertising manager you also have the option to define your own target group – a so-called Custom Audience. To do this, simply import existing customer data into the Facebook system and then you can target these people with your ad. The interaction rate is particularly high because these users already know your product or service.

The Lookalike Audience can be created based on your custom audience. Here, Facebook searches for people who have similar characteristics to the target group you uploaded. This new target group is also very likely to be interested in your offer.

5. Test Influencer Marketing:

In addition to normal users, there are of course also many influencers on Facebook and Instagram who have a large fan base and therefore a high reach . First, analyze which influencers could be of interest to your product / service and see whether many fans interact with one another on the influencer’s fan page. If so, you can contact the influencer and ask if they would like to promote your offer. So you not only get standard advertising for your product or service, but a well-known person also puts it in a good light.

We have been working in Social Media Marketing since 2011 – especially with Facebook and Instagram. We therefore not only know these 5 tips and tricks, but many more.

If you would like to find potential customers for your product / service via Facebook or Instagram, please contact us and find out about your options. We have various packages for social media advice and / or account support on offer. You can reach us by phone at +49 40 890 66 33 09 or by email to info@e2ma.biz .

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