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Every customer has specific requirements and works in different sectors. With our competitions we reach all types of participants. We can classify these using your personal details and the evaluation of your surveys . So it is then possible for us to put together the right offers for various industries.

We therefore have extensive and well-founded industry know-how. Which in turn enables us to offer you the right products, services and solutions for effective and efficient use in your market.

We can offer you the following industry solutions

  • Automobile: test drives, newsletter registrations
  • Family: young parents interested in baby or children’s products
  • Energy & Environment: Change of energy provider
  • Consumer goods: newsletter registrations, sample users
  • Sports & Health: Diet supplement users, fitness enthusiasts
  • Travel & Tourism: Cruise travelers, regional offers
  • Media & Entertainment: Those interested in streaming
  • Fashion & Lifestyle: Newsletter and catalog registrations
  • Market research: Panel participants
  • Finances and insurance: savings and bank accounts, loans, people interested in insurance such as death grants, dental supplements, household effects or changing health insurance

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