We have a great spring offer for you!

Garantierte Zustellung im E-Mail-Marketing

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Spring is here and we have a great spring offer for you.
Guaranteed delivery in e-mail marketing
Does that work? Yes, from now on it does at E2Ma.

We rebuilt our e-mail mailing list, cleansed it and created some new groups. This way, we are now able to guarantee the sending of your e-mail campaigns to several inboxes* for a small additional charge without the e-mails ending up in the spam folder for example.

Of course, this has a positive effect both on your opening and click rates.

If you are interested just contact us directly and we can discuss your new campaign and reserve the space for you. And if you book this month we have another great offer for you:

Spring offer: Every order above 2,500 € will be rewarded with a 1 kg Lindt chocolate rabbit!

Order your spring campaign in March and you will get a 1 kg Lindt chocolate rabbit with a retail value of 39.99 € sent directly to you and your colleagues in the office.

Isn’t that a great promotion?
* applies to Web.de, GMX, Freenet and t-online through Trusted Dialog

And at the same time, you can do good: in addition to your order, we also offer you a tree by Treedom for you team:

With Treedom, you can plant your own company forest and actively involve customers, staff members as well as stakeholders! Give away trees as gifts to your network and make your commitment to sustainability come alive in a playful way.

Find out more now: Click here

Every tree is geo-localized, a picture is taken when it is planted and a special tree diary function gives those who received the gift regular updates about the small farmers and local projects.

Ever since the social business was founded, more than 500,000 trees have been planted in Asia, South America, Africa and Italy. Treedom already conducted numerous online and offline campaigns for over 450 businesses, for example in the marketing and communication, HR, customer activation, employer branding and sustainability communication industries. Some of their customers are e.g. Melitta, 3M, Coca-Cola, CEWE, Enel, H&M, PINKO and San Benedetto.

We hope spring will be sunny, chocolaty, green and successful for you!

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